Stories from rehearsal – Part 2

The other day, I was talking to a friend about some of the rehearsal insanity that has happpened, and while there is a lot…I decided toshare about when I was doing a tv show and play at the same time.

This wasn’t really one of the funiest things to ever happen in reharsal for the play. Earlier in the day, I was called to an outdoor location for the TV show I was filming. Which wouldn’t have been that bad, except for the fact that it was pouring rain. But, just like live theatre, the show must go on. Eventually. We ended up hiding in the back of the props truck because not only was it raining, but there was also thunder and lightning.¬† Eventually, the storm cleared up enough for us to start filming again…eventually. They had to set up for the shoot. After a while, we walked out into the field we were filming in…which of course was covered in mud. There wasn’t supposed to be any mud wrestling and sliding around on the field, but with all the rain…there was. So…I had been on set since about 10am and rehearsal for the play was at 6 PM. I was almost convinced I wouldn’t make it to the rehearsal…but I just barely did.

When I go to the theatre, I was covered in mud (shos, jacket, pants, everything). I walked into the rehearsal studo and got quite a few odd looks from the rest of the cast and diretcor. I had to explain I had been on set outdoors all day and they all thought we were kinda crazy for filming all day, but….when you have a deadline….you work in all types of weather.

Stories from rehearsal – Part 1

Sometimes, I get to act. Sometimes I even get paid. Oftentimes, though, I do not. I do community theatre. But this is usally when the best stories happen.

A few years ago, I was doing a show called Pizza: A Love Story and was playing a smaller role, so I actually also was stage manager. Becausew of this, I was at every rehearsal, but often would be playing other peoples roles if they were not called for that rehearsal.

We were in a dance studio and rehearsing a scene where the pizzza guy (not me) gets danced into a chair which has a box of pizza sitting on it. We had been doing the scene for quite a while, and at one point, the chair decided to not stay in place. As I spun into the chair, I managed to hit the chair. However, once I hit the chaor, it gave out from under me. It went sliding acorss the room…and so did I. After we had all finished laughing, w emade sure that I was okay and then did the scene again. Luckily, the chair didn’t go flying across the room again.

On another note, when we were doing an actual performance, I had tpo eat a piece of pizza form that same chair…after the guy playing the pizzza guy had sat on it.