Love Poems

Throughout school
They were so deeply in love
Everywhere they anyone went
You were sure to see them together

As they moved on to university
At a time when many people grow apart
They drew closer to each other instead

He asked her for her hand
With a chuckle in her voice, she said
“You can have all of me”

As their wedding drew near
The love seemed to radiate from them
On the big day
All of their friends joined them
It was a night to remember

After a few years, they had kids
A girl and a boy
They gave them everything they desired
They never were in want

Now they’re growing old together
The kids have married and moved out
They continue to love each other just as deeply
And will do so until they die

Gazing through the window of my past
My life flashing before me
I see us, back then
And the love that once burnt strong
Now, all I have left is goodbye

Living out my mistakes once more
Again feeling the pain
None of it has grown less
And all I have left is goodbye

Thinking back on my life back then
The change in my demeanor
The changes in my feelings for you
And still, all that remains is goodbye

There was no graceful departure
It happened much too fast
The life we once shared
Quickly tore to pieces
With one simple word; goodbye

The image is beginning to fade
Soon it will be no more
Yet, you will forever live in my memory
And so, I have more then just goodbye

Love Sucks
When you think it is true
They go and make you blue
Quickly leaving for better meat
All you want to do is give them a beat
Love sucks

A warm summers day
Draws to a close
Another day gone by
In the carefree time of youth

The sun begins to set
In a combination of
Pink and Orange
Creating an effect
That can not be described
But must be seen

A warm breeze
Comes from the South
Enriching the mood
Enticing us
To stay out and enjoy it

The clear sky
Begins to show the stars
And we dream
Of going there someday

The water begins to ripple
As the fish swim softly by
Bringing to the air
An atmosphere of love

As the sun dips behind the hills
It creates many different shadows
Which gives the area
An air of mystique

We get up to go in
The end of another day
As we drift to sleep
We dream of tomorrow
And what it may bring

Whenever you are near
My knees begin to buckle
My friends
All have a good chuckle

Emotions run rampant through my mind
I am so confused
(What do I do now?)
Whenever I see you

I loose control of my emotions
I need to hide
To keep my feelings inside
The confusion is too great now

I don’t know what to do
So I run
And hide, thinking of you
Now everyday that passes
Means I get more confused
If only I could find a way
To show you how I feel

As I see you
Walking through the halls
My emotions begin to take control
All my sensibility goes out the window

I gaze upon your shining hair
And your eyes gaze quietly into mine
We both glance away, ashamed
Not knowing what to do next

My life becomes a blur
The only thing I see is you
I try to put you out of my mind
But wherever I go, everything reminds me of you

For now I admire from a distance
As I slowly work up courage
Courage to talk to you and
To express my feelings
Until then, the emotions will build up
And boil over

You are like nothing I’ve ever seen
And I’ve got a sense that’s very keen
You make me melt like butter
And make my heart a’flutter

I hope that I don’t come on too strong
Please don’t get my intentions wrong
I just wanted to speak to you,
And tell you that I love you

Now please don’t take this the wrong way
But I couldn’t put it off another day
I was in too much turmoil
My temperature was near a boil

I don’t expect you to feel the same
That would be kind of lame
But if you do, please let me know
It is good to reap what you sow

Now as I take my leave of you
You softly whisper, “I love you too”
My heart once again goes wild
I can’t believe that this is true

Now we walk hand in hand
Knowing that we must find a band
The wedding date is drawing near
Come close and let me hold you dear