About Me

I am..an artist, interpretive dance, professional Wii champion, published author in Germany, professional Psychologist wannabe, breeder of prized chickens, second in line to the throne of upper Mongolia, television personality, connoseieur of fine cheese, an awful player of Minesweeper and Tetris, future member of the California state government, and the Hulk.

But, really….


I am Tyler. Tyler I am. But I am not Sam. Sam I am not. I’m perpetually tired, a diabetic with Tourette Syndrome, a singer and actor, a designer, a student of life, a freelance sound and video technician, and a writer. I live in Regina, Saskatchewan in a basement (most of the time, thought at the moment I don’t due to renovations).

I have been blogging for longer than I care to admit, and go through spurts of inspiration where I can write several posts a day to dry streaks where I don’t write anything for months. It usually depends on what kind of work I am doing.

Back when I was younger, I found every excuse to get dressed up. Now, I usually wear jeans. Except to weddings, funerals, and other special occasions. I’ve been to probably about 4 weddings a year for the past decade, and it was last year that I first went to one where I wasn’t working. I didn’t know what to do with myself.

Unlike some people, I never thought that I was cool. But that didn’t stop me. I did write a lot of random stuff – poetry, short stories, and articles. Maybe someday I will post some of them here.

Now that I am a little bit older – I writer plays and musicals. Because I can. I have realized that I am pretty boring and really have no opinion other than my own. I do tend to share it quite a bit though. Because after all – I am probably right about something. Or not.

I often procrastinate until the very last minute – I once wrote a ten page paper in the 2 classes I had before it was due. I got an A on it. All through university, I wrote my English papers the night before – it seemed to work for me, but I wouldn’t suggest trying it yourself. I once went to school for a BFA, a BA, and a diploma.

I do not like winter at all – and it is because of this that I have a plan to someday meet a girl from California, get married, and move to Los Angeles where we will live in the sun (this may be pure nonsense).

I can sometimes make people laugh – and isn’t that better than not at all?

A final little piece of information – I was born on January 1, 1985. No, I wasn’t the first baby born – there were eight girls born before me. And no – they are not my sisters and I don’t think I know any of them. Though you never know. I did once meet a girl who was born exactly a year after me.