Serious Poetry


Searching once more

For the truth about my life

Looking for some closure

To the pain that I have felt

Thinking back

On the things I have done

Wondering why

I don’t know my true roots

Not finding any proof

Yet never giving up hope

Deciding to wait awhile longer

Before I try once more


I tremble

As I hide in fear

I shiver

As I look through shaking eyes

I tremble

Hoping my voice doesn’t give me away

I wait

Hoping that this will be over soon

I sit

Waiting for the end

Shots ring out

One flies by my head

Another one hits

I am dead


I sit in the corner

Afraid to even move

Thinking that they’ll find me

And that I won’t see next year

My next birthday; my first crush

Getting a car; getting married

Why did they have to come here?

What did we do to them?

Now I hear the screams of classmates

As their lives draw to an end

I hear my friend confess her faith

And then I hear a thud

They’re leaving the room now

Much to our relief

The teacher softly whispers

“Let’s wait for the police”

We wait for what seems like an eternity

Waiting for some help

As soon as it gets there

We give a joyous yelp

The police take us out through a window

In any other situation, I’d have enjoyed the ride

But in my present condition

All I want to do is run and hide

Now I see the paramedics

As they bring out my friends

I try to contain the emotion

Then realize it will be fine that I cried.


You as me questions

That I do not have answers for

Your life is closed to me

Locked behind a heavy door

Your eyes strip me of my innocence

Not letting me live a normal life

Your words cut me down

Like butter by a knife

Your gaze tears me apart

Causing pain, impossible to tell

Your perfect life is painful

It makes me want to yell

Your attitude is condescending

Bringing me to the ground

My emotional wounds, never ending

They feel like they weigh a pound