Stories from rehearsal – Part 1

Sometimes, I get to act. Sometimes I even get paid. Oftentimes, though, I do not. I do community theatre. But this is usally when the best stories happen.

A few years ago, I was doing a show called Pizza: A Love Story and was playing a smaller role, so I actually also was stage manager. Becausew of this, I was at every rehearsal, but often would be playing other peoples roles if they were not called for that rehearsal.

We were in a dance studio and rehearsing a scene where the pizzza guy (not me) gets danced into a chair which has a box of pizza sitting on it. We had been doing the scene for quite a while, and at one point, the chair decided to not stay in place. As I spun into the chair, I managed to hit the chair. However, once I hit the chaor, it gave out from under me. It went sliding acorss the room…and so did I. After we had all finished laughing, w emade sure that I was okay and then did the scene again. Luckily, the chair didn’t go flying across the room again.

On another note, when we were doing an actual performance, I had tpo eat a piece of pizza form that same chair…after the guy playing the pizzza guy had sat on it.

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