Praise Adonai

Who is like Him
The Lion and the Lamb
Seated on the throne
Mountains bow down
Every ocean roars
To the Lord of hosts

Praise Adonai
From the rising of the sun
To the end of the day
Praise Adonai
All the nations of the earth
All the angels and the saints
Sing Praise

Whenever I hear this song, it just reminds me of God and His infinite power and wisdom. JUst think about the lyrics, “Mountains bow down, every ocean roars”! Just at the thought of God mountains bow down in reverance and an ocean will roar. This is just so awesome.

From whereever we are in our Christian walk, whether it be at the beginning or we have a developped walk, God is always there for us and is the same. A.B. Simpson said that “Yesterday, Today, Forever, Jesus is the same. All may change, but Jesus never. Glory to His name.” If we just think about this statement, it can easily dumbfound us. Jesus and God will never change. They will always love and care for us, no mater what we do.

And when we think about this song, “All the nations of the earth, all the angels and the saints, sing praise”! Just let that sink in for a few seconds. Everyone in every single nation will sing God’s praises. That’s just so cool! And to think that we are joined by the angels in heaven and all the saints…wow!

As you go on in your day today, just think about these things. God’s grace and infinite wisdom and always there to guide us. And when we decide to listen to him, we join in with the angels, the saints, and even the mountains and oceans in praising God. Now isn’t that cool?