Some Other Poems

This is stuff that I couldn’t figure out where to put it – so this category exists now.

What does it truly mean?
It’s only said by a select teen

It does not truly exist
It’s diabetes with a twist

Grain stalks
Blow calmly in the fields
A sea of golden wonders
The bread-basket of the world

Grain stalks
Planted for our lives
Later to be broken down
To create an edible source

Grains stalks
Falling as the thresher goes by
Picked up by hired hands
Placed in bins of enormous volume

Grain stalks
Blow calmly in the fields
A sea of golden wonders
The bread-basket of the world

As we grow up
We must look back
At the life we have lived
The joy and the pain
We have both felt and caused

As we grow up
Our lives begin to change
Our feelings become stronger
Our world turns upside down

As we grow up
We learn lessons along the way
We begin to realize the truth
As it is exposed to the light of day

As we grow up
We begin to mature
Yet we always know
We will still have that
Rambunctious child inside
And that feeling can never be quenched
But only put on hold

Who are we in this world
Are we all as we seem
Or are we hiding behind a cloak
Only letting our true self
Be shown through the seams

What are we in this world
Are we true or are we false
Do we let the light of our lives
Give joy to the world
Or do we just let the darkness show
And bring our mean feelings to the world

Where are we in this world
In our lives have we matured
Are we growing up
Or will it still take some time

When are we in this world
Or when are we spaced out
Do you live in a different dimension
Or are you down to earth

Why are we in this world
Do we have any purpose for now
Do we need to find a new identity
Or should we stay living as we currently are

Who are we in this world
Are we all as we seem
Or are we hiding behind a clock
Only letting our true self
Be shown through the seams

I am as a small leaf blowing in the wind
Unknown, not remembered
Moving through life silently
Not seen nor heard

I am but a willow bowing down
Blending into the background
Not being seen nor cared about
Living a forgettable life

I am a breeze
Unwelcome in your life
I live quietly, in the silence
Waiting for life to open up

My sight is not blinded
My song not complete
I walk through this time
As a child, all alone
Knowing that one day
I will shine and be noticed

Cars cruise down the track
Rubber burns on impact
Asphalt, newly placed
Hits a spectator in the face

As the laps go by
Legs and arms begin to fly
Why, why, why

Fans begin to scream
Someone drops their ice-cream
Another slips and cracks their head
Oops, oh no, another spectator dead

The race is done
Car 85-B has won
In the midst of all the fun
The winner is shot with his gun

This is not intended as humour, but rather as a look at the dangers of racing.

Looking out at the world
Through the eyes of a refreshed secret
I see things anew
That once I took for granted

Thinking about these things
Thoughts too complex for me to understand
I bow my head in prayer
Thanking my creator for what He’s done

As wind ripples throughout the treesa
A chill falls upon me momentarily
Quickly to be replaced
With the warmth of an ever-shining sun

As life continues on around me
Problems begin to seem insignificant
As I think of Jesus’ death
And what it ultimately means for me

Trees all around me
Offer an array of colors
Creating a tranquility
That can not be equaled by human design

Sounds of a train
Echo in the distance
Reminding me of the time I live in
And of the advances our society has made

Flowers beside me slowly die
As summer turns to fall
Ending one season of God’s creation
And ushering another one in

BIrds sing around me
I know not who or what their song is for
Yet it is simple and sweet
Bringing peace to an unpeaceful soul in the area

I look at the vast sky
It seems to roll on forevermore
Clouds form interesting paterns
As they continue on their journey

Trees reach for the sky
While others stress to reach a few feet
Yet no matter the size
They remind me of God’s love

The cross that hovers above us
Again reminds me of God’s grace
It is something my mortal mind can not comprehend
But choses to believe in

The size of the community strikes me
Making me laugh
Not because I see humor in it
Rather, it is a laugh of joy

As I think back on these things
A single thought strikes me
And will continue to be on my mind
Where would this beauty be without God?

I withdraw from the sap
An entity in a sea of popularity
Cruising through life unnoticed
Living what seems life meaningless

Chatter cruises through my mind
Hearing all, yet nothing
Seeing a blur of humanity
Not making out any shapes

Time seems suspended
Dragging on forevermore
Life goes on around me
Not including me in its schemes